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What To Do If Locked Out Of Your Car?

Everyday lots of people lose their keys and find themselves locked out of their cars. It’s a common phenomenon that can happen to anyone no matter how organized or careful they usually are, but when it does happen the most important thing is to stay calm and not panic.

Instinctive Actions

Sometimes when we are under stress we can miss important details and not notice that maybe one of the doors or maybe the trunk was left open.

Take a tour around your car and check all the doors and windows, you might get lucky and open your car even if you can’t find your key, it’s much safer to wait for help in your car rather than outside especially if you’re in an unfamiliar place.

Call For Help

If you are not that far from home, maybe calling a family member who can bring you a spare key can be the perfect solution, but if you are in a remote place or if you don’t have a spare key don’t worry because there are still other ways to get help.

Roadside Assistance

One option is to call for roadside assistance if you have it. Many insurance companies offer roadside assistance as part of their coverage and it is highly recommend to check your policy and see if you’re covered. If you are they can send someone out to help you but if you don’t have this kind of services available proceed to the next option.

Call a Locksmith

Another option is to call an automotive locksmith who can efficiently handle these situations. Professional locksmith company have a technician ready 24/7 just for emergencies like that. Usually they can get to you within 30 minutes and quickly unlock your car. If your car key was lost and not accidentally left inside the car they can offer a car key replacement and in most cases it will be cheaper than getting one from your dealership.